ProDelta MST is a unique system that cost effectively
supports the well closure process.
Through innovation, ProDelta’s self supporting crew
can complete the following in a single mobilization:• Environmental Drilling (Solid Stem Auger)
• Extend Reach (Sump/Flare Pits/Background)
• Shelby Tube
• Monitoring Well Installation
• Well Centre Cut/Caps
• Facility Decommissioning
• Pile Removal
• Remediation

• Snow Removal

In addition to the innovation focus on efficiency, ProDelta MST Is equipped with unique safety features
not found in a common drilling solution.


ProDelta recently completed a project in
NEBC which was winter access only approximately five (5) hrs NEBC.
Scope of Work For Two (2) Sites
• Decommission Well Facilities
• Above Ground Storage Tank
• Above Ground Piping/Building
• Well Centre Cut/Cap
• Stage Two (2) Drilling
• 12 boreholes/site
• Four (4) Days Allotted


ProDelta successfully completed the following:
• Project Completed Incident Free
• Executed project to 60% of the original
• Site Now Ready for COR Part 1 Submission